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Nowadays, there are basically just big tits, small tits, nice tits, nasty tits. Where is the tit originality? Right here. On Weird Tit Blog.
~ Friday, August 27 ~

Welcome to the wonderful world of Weird Tits

Now, there are many reasons that you are here on Weird Tit Blog, here we will list a few off the top of our heads.

Reason #1: You simply like tits, regardless of how weird they may be. And let’s be real for a moment, who doesn’t like tits? No one. That’s who. And No one is a very messed up individual.

Reason #2: You have had enough of the normal tits the world has to offer. You have to admit, once you’ve seen them all, tits can become pretty boring. Well, we’re here for you.

Reason #3: You came here under the impression that the url weirdtitblog had nothing to do with weird or tits or weird tits. Well you were wrong. 

For the most part, this weird tit blog will be dedicated to the exploitation of, you guessed it, weird tits. But we have to admit, we do have some class, which is why every once in a while we’ll throw some weird cleavage into the mix - trust us, it’s out there. 

If you have some tits you’d like to share with Weird Tit Blog and the rest of the world, feel free to submit! They don’t necessarily have to be weird tits, but they can in no way be normal tits. Submit that shit to Normal Tit Blog.

Now, whether you are an all around tit lover, someone who has become tired of the lack of tit weirdness, or simply an innocent misguided visitor, we are happy to have you here on Weird Tit Blog. Enjoy!

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